Now use OVIS checking on Mobiles and Tablets -
  • Field team visits Remote areas and contact Volunteers.
  • Get Volunteers to CRO and THEN check Eligibility on OVIS.
  • Send In-eligible volnteers
  • Extra Resource & overhead expences at CRO
  • Pay for Food and Transport
  • Volunteers need to be called to OVIS Station (PC)
    • Invite only EligibleVolunteers
      to the CRO
    • Less Resources and
      overhead expenses
      at CRO
    • No need to Pay for
      Food and Transport
    • Take Mobile OVIS
      device to Volunteer
  Inforcom Technologies offers their service OVIS on Mobile and Tablet Platform. This Responsive Technology Service offers name based checking. Use your current username / password to access. The output offers Volunteer photo, OVIS No., Days after last sampling / Eligibility Status, Permanent Blocking Status and Location.

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